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A peace agreement for the recent alien encounters for Colonia
09-01-2017, 06:20 AM (This post was last modified: 09-01-2017 06:29 AM by CMDR_Fractal_Shard.)
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A peace agreement for the recent alien encounters for Colonia
As of today I saw Forge put forward an agreement on first contact this is the agreement as follows: "I am proposing an agreement in which we, together, state our policy of peaceful contact in the coming days with the alien entities which so far have shown no aggression towards humans other than plucking Commanders’ ships out of hyperspace and scanning them. These alien vessels have displayed very advanced technologies, and they very likely could be destroying commanders’ ships quite easily. They have not done this, and have instead gone on their merry way.

The terms of this agreement are simple – It is only a display of our shared interest towards peace. How each group enforces this within their own ranks is up to them, as always. It simply states to the entire community that we all share this idea of peace. The agreement is non-binding, and should future events warrant a different approach, it will not be held against any group or commander who changes their policies regarding peaceful contact. Indeed, even the Forge has a policy in place should aliens make war upon humans, but that policy would only come into play should all other attempts at peace fail."

I have come to the conclusion that it would be in COR's best intrest to sign this and i ask that you follow this agreement to the letter. I will be forwarding this proposition to IGER with hopes that they will sign this to. Also, I have begun work on a contingency plan should the aliens incite war, which will be enacted immidiatly should i feel colonia is threatened any way by thes beings. What I lack is information about thier crafts and ask that you peacefully collect data such as offensive capability, defensive capability, speed, power source, weapon types, propulsion types, and fuel source.
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