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10-08-2016, 08:30 PM (This post was last modified: 11-08-2016 04:06 AM by QwertyWeasel.)
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RE: EDDiscovery
Is anyone else getting serious memory problems on startup? When EDDiscovery is launched, every program and the system itself becomes unresponsive. I look at task manager (opening takes 3 mins), and EDD is taking up a whopping 6.2GB of memory (or more). On top of that, "System and compressed memory" is using up a almost all of my disc transfer. It would appear that EDD is simply using so much memory that it fills real memory and then still has to resort to using massive amounts of virtual memory. Not sure what the total footprint is, but when you include virtual memory I would put 10GB as my lowest estimate. The output in the console says "adding EDSM systems" while this is happening. I love the program, put launching basically makes my computer unusable for about 10 minutes.

TL;DR Is there anyway to add a memory cap to EDD without breaking the program? I don't care if it takes longer to launch as long as my machine is still operable. Could uncapped memory usage be a bug? Is there a setting I have missed that is causing this? (I have EDSM distances disabled)

Thanks in advance.

P.S. It says 14K systems added from EDSM, 1.68M loaded when finished.

Edit: It is also worth noting that EDD (as confirmed by the netlogs) thinks I've been to 2 random systems I know I didn't go to. According to the netlogs, I made 2 jumps of 12K and 8K lightyears (single jumps!) to 2 random systems. The supposed jump to a horshead region system is made in the netlogs on several consecutive, repeated lines. I assume this is entirely unrelated, but still.

Edit #2: Scratch the above. It's the training missions that do that. Dropped in to try out combat controls, it logged me as actually going to the system.
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