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How to get a stars position
01-06-2015, 09:15 AM
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How to get a stars position
For me exploring has 2 big components.

1. Survey the system - Scanning stars/planet and see them visually.

2. Map the position of the stars.

It would be fun if more pople can help with mapping upp the border to Regor by getting position from several of the border star. We can then later create a 3D map of the border to the restricted area.

Then i am explorign i always try to get position of the names stars. And some of the more interesting stars. Mpaaping part of the border to regor region will be a fun task for me.

I use 2 tools to get coordinates for a star.

1. Redwizzards trillatation:
2. EDDiscovery

How to get a stars position:

With EDDiscovery i get the name of the current system. Easy way to get it right without spelling error and in right case.

1. After jumping to a star select the name it in EDDiscovery and press CTRL+C

2. Go to

3. Enter your Commander name.

4. Copy thu currenst system name ( CTRL -V) into Name of new system field.

Now you need to enter some reference stars with distance. Need at least 5 stars.
The webpage has some suggestions.

I copy the star name from the webpage (Ex Sirius)
And paste it into Galaxy maps search box in Elite. Easy with Sirius but harder with something like Col 285 Sector GE-F b25-1....
Enter the distance you get on the webpage and repeat for the next star.

The page does some calculation and it will spot a wrongly entered distance. (That's why it wants at least 5 stars.)

At 1000 ly from the core systems we will probably need more then 5 stars to get a solution but after we have mapped up some local stars then we can use them as reference too.

Press Submit to TGC then you have enough stars.

With the mapped stars you get a nice bonus in EDDiscovery too,. You can see where you have been in the (unfinished 3d Map) All stars you have visited with coordinates will show up as red.

(Note:- You can replace your star references with other ones)

Some of the Star referense i use now:

HD 65598 - Basecamp star
HD 68895 - Close to regor border
HD 68188 - Other side of Regor
HIP 39124 - One named star i maped on the way to basecamp
S171 7

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07-09-2015, 02:41 PM
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RE: How to get a stars position
I used to use Redwizzards system entry, but now I find the trilateration in EDDiscovery is better, needing usually only ~5 reference systems to trilaterate successfully.

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