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What is the First Great Expedition?
08-10-2015, 06:57 PM (This post was last modified: 30-06-2016 01:56 PM by Corbin Moran.)
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What is the First Great Expedition?
[Image: krqZa36.png]
a fellowship of galactic explorers

The First Great Expedition is all about exploration - that's our passion and our main activity. We are a community of like-minded pilots in the Elite: Dangerous galaxy who share the joy of exploration for its own sake, and as a means to achieve Elite standing with the Pilots Federation.

Our goal is to travel to every part of the galaxy that we can, to see everything that is to be seen, and to document our travels both as independent explorers and as a community. We also engage in many other activities individually or together (trading, bounty hunting, mining, etc.) to finance our explorations and support our minor faction.

History & Organization:
The FGE formed during the alpha test phase of Elite: Dangerous - originally with the intention to launch a large community expedition to the galactic core. Since then we've held many formal and informal events in the game including regular group voyages to nebulae in the vicinity of human inhabited space. Some of our members are currently engaged in a major expedition to semi-circumnavigate the galaxy along the Sagittarius-Carina arm. Over time the FGE has developed into a fellowship of galactic explorers, and even though we are at times dispersed across the galaxy, we have a very active Facebook group with more than 3000 members. We also maintain a 512 channel Team Speak server (The Deep Space Communications Array) that is open to all FGE members as well as the exploration community at large.

The FGE is co-ordinated by a Staff Group that sets broad agendas and maintains our community infrastructure, but there is no hierarchy or chain of command. We have no office holders, ranks, or expectations, and participation in any community event is always voluntary.

Members & Play Mode:
Members range from beginners who are just starting out on their adventures through to seasoned veterans. We welcome players on any platform, and members of other groups may also join us. In fact, several members of the FGE community are also very active within other player groups or the exploration community at large.

All official FGE activities are conducted in open play mode, as we want to experience the full range of dangers and challenges that the galaxy offers. Individual members and groups of members may prefer to play in solo or private group mode when not at official meetups, but the choice is theirs.

We have three Fleets within the FGE and members may choose to identify themselves as a member of one or more of these. This is more than anything to show other members what kind of activities they share an interest for. Dedicated explorers may wish to belong to the Exploration Fleet, whereas traders, miners, smugglers etc may decide to be part of the Logistics Fleet. For those members who enjoy combat related activities the Security Fleet may be the preferred choice.

[Image: jRaDTKL.jpg]

[Image: RIEYgH1.jpg][Image: krqZa36.png][Image: AO3KT61.jpg]

Elite: Dangerous players who do not wish to take an active role in the FGE are welcome to join as observers and participate in our forums and Facebook group, or just read the postings to keep up with what is happening.

Our Faction & Diplomatic Relations:
[Image: EWsjTMK.png]
We are affiliated with the faction the Institute of Galactic Exploration and Research (I.G.E.R) and some members have chosen to devote much of their time to supporting the development of this faction. Kippax Ring in the HIP 72043 system serves as our home port - and a friendly port to all explorers - when not out in the depths of space.

The First Great Expedition is independent, unaligned and neutral. We seek to maintain friendly relations with other groups and factions and we will enter into agreements where these have clear benefits for explorers and maintaining the peace. If you are part of a recognized Elite: Dangerous player group and wish to establish a formal agreement you are welcome to contact us.

TS3 server
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25-07-2016, 01:22 PM (This post was last modified: 25-07-2016 01:24 PM by Corbin Moran.)
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RE: What is the First Great Expedition?
Since the FGE forums are as vast and sprawling as our membership we have selected a few highlights to get you started:

Facebook community:

FGE Facebook Group

FGE Newsletter archive (on Facebook)

Early exploits by the FGE:

Early group expeditions organized by the FGE (from beta to early game launch)

Zulu Romeo's historical route to Sagittarius A*

Current FGE projects:

Sagittarius-Carina Mission (open and ongoing mapping project)

Institute of Galactic Exploration and Research (exploration in-game faction)

Scientific and technical expertise:

Exploration Science 101 (a series of well written lectures by Prof. Gryffin du Verd)

EDDiscovery (a must-have program for explorers - made by Finwen) *Link to FD forum thread*

Stories and immersion:

Tall tales, travelogues and general musings on the big questions...

Turjan's Travels

FGE services to the wider exploration community:

Deep Space Communication Array (open team speak server)

High resolution maps of the Elite galaxy

Information for FGE members:

Forum badges, merchandise, team speak, discord, private group, friends list, etc

Current staff group

A selection of videos:

Echoes - by Gibbonici (FGE founding video)

Journey to Lagoon - by Mindwipe (Sagittarius-Carina Mission launch)

IGER - by Turjan (Home of the FGE)

Educating Ed - The First Great Expedition (Official community livestream)

[Image: inyqADq.jpg] - Galactic Mapping -
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