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Chrystopher Chance, Journal and Notes
27-11-2016, 10:00 PM
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RE: Chrystopher Chance, Journal and Notes
Source: Kamadhenu - Shajn Market
Timestamp: 3302/11/27

I woke up this morning to my comm terminal beeping an Urgent. After getting through with my morning routine, I brought up the recorded message and attached text document to find that I had been promoted from Lieutenant Commander to Commander, transferred to Fleet Courier Command AND put on Individual Ready Reserve, also known as being Beached, effective immediately.

My old CO sent along a one read recording informing me that the Empire was thankful for my service, but, in keeping with my activation, had basically Beached me to allow me to attend the C3 as a gesture of goodwill to the Colonies.

That being the case, the Vulture, which I have christened FGES Mantis, VLTR 1225 is as ready as I can get it for a long range Escort roll.

I even managed to sneak out for a short flight and got about 70 systems registered for the Children of Raxxla's data request. Prolly a good thing I was on independent ops as no one has ever been told that I am a stringer for CoR. In any case, while the jump range is nothing to comm home about, it is about the same as I had when I was out exploring the Corridor back when.

To absent friends!

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02-12-2016, 11:21 PM
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RE: Chrystopher Chance, Journal and Notes
Source: Tau-1 Aquarii
Timestamp: 3302/12/02

Out of one military and into another; spent the afternoon hunting pirates to keep them off of the carriers for the Convoy. I added a Vulture, a Viper IV, and a couple of Imperial Eagles to my kill record while the convoy got organized and jumped out. So far as I know, we didn't lose a single carrier to piracy.

Eventually, we got to the dispersal point and everyone made their farewells. The farewell antics are kind of funny given that we'll all be hitting the first waypoint on Sunday, but it is only 2,400 LY, an easy jaunt for an old Distant Worlds hand.

Speaking of which, ShadowSol and I are flying together again. I almost laughed myself hoarse listening to him going on about the distance we'd be flying. He's never been out exploring, and I don't think he really understood how far we were going.

I had to leave him to the first leg as Militia duties kept me otherwise occupied, but we'll be traveling together after WP 1.

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05-12-2016, 08:16 PM (This post was last modified: 05-12-2016 08:18 PM by Chrystoph.)
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RE: Chrystopher Chance, Journal and Notes
[Image: Roundel_Small.png][Image: 39OXucf.png]
Source: FGES Mantis, VLTR 1225
CommID: Chrystopher Chance
Callsign: Chrystoph

Timestamp: 3302/12/05
Priority: Routine
Recipients: General Distribution

Report: System of Interest - Yttrium +3 (Arsenic, Vanadium, Germanium)

I am currently operating as a member of the CCN Militia in the role of Escort for the Colonia Christmas Carriers convoy. While traveling to Hillary Depot, I passed through the Praea Euq FA-W b57-2 star system.

On first glance, there is not a lot to see, just three Tauri stars, a couple of belts and one icy planet.

The planet is remarkable in several fashions. A first look reveals that the planet is in excess of 24 masses, but is still landable. It is important to note that this planet has a gravity of 2.46G, making it a hazardous landing.

Unlike my previous reports, this system is not a green system. However, it is not a huge deviation from the direct route to Hillary Depot and provides several Jumponium elements. I have included a list below:


Attached below is my scanner data. At 2.46G, this is a hazardous landing!


Lord Sir Chrystopher "Chrystoph" Chance
Missions Pilot, IGER

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04-02-2017, 06:21 PM (This post was last modified: 03-07-2017 02:50 AM by Chrystoph.)
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RE: Chrystopher Chance, Journal and Notes
Source: Alioth
Timestamp: 3303/02/04

While I was at one of the Engineers, a fellow named Bill Turner, some message traffic caught up to me. Along with the various routine notices, there was a priority message from IGER Central.

Apparently, somewhere along the way, while we were out doing our thing, IGER had caught the attention of people with less ethics and more money. We had been the victims of a hostile take over, and the entire Expedition branch was being disbanded. I had just become the owner of a, "Regret to inform you", letter.

Reading between the lines told me that they didn't trust the people that were out and about because we were too independent. I snorted in bitter amusement because the people that thought IGER was going to make them credits were firing all of the people that actually provided updated data.

GalNet, being the invasive piece of software that it is, had seen that I had IGER as a key word in my traffic and popped up a banner ad. I noticed that it talked about buying cartography data from IGER and how reliable it was because of the huge number of contributors cross verifying it. The irony was harsh, but I laughed anyway.

Shaking off the moment of melancholy, I raised my glass and toasted to myself.

Not all that wander are lost!

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