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23-01-2016, 04:47 PM
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Wasn't sure if I should have necro'ed one of the threads in the archives, but I'm creating a new one.

So, my EDTracker Pro has just arrived Smile
I've set-it up but although it's supposed to be a drift-free model and I did all the calibration setup, it turns out to be very very fiddly.
It almost never stay true and Yaw drifts left or right all the time.
Sometimes, when I keep my head straight it will slowly get back to center. But way too slowly to actually make a difference, and sometimes it the screen would be just at 90 degrees left or right.

Can anyone share their calibration settings i.e. Yaw Scaling, Pitch Scaling, Smoothing?
And their in-game setting?

Also, what should I be expecting to see when looking at the Magnetometer tab in the TrackerPro GUI?

What I see on mine, after successful calibration seem wrong. I have two sets of points plotted, 1 Green and 1 Red, and both sets of points are very lopsided, if that makes sense. I would have expected to see a fairly symmetrical graph.
I'll try to post a screenshot later on

[Image: 347.png]
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