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a curiosity?
21-07-2016, 02:05 AM (This post was last modified: 21-07-2016 02:06 AM by CMDR XTASEH.)
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a curiosity?

First post after the initial hello and reading a fair bit of the forums past notes before I dared embarrass myself by going into print. One of the forum parts that caught my eye was in how to find stars in the ships field of view on the galaxy map ( the 4 point technique described being something I have been rather crudely doing myself to see where I am going in my currently arbitriary dead reckoning way of travelling the stars! )

Anyway the entire 3d arrangement of the systems is giving me a sore head.

For example

Sitting just outside the habitable bubble is a curious system ( well to me at least ) HIP 51996. Comprising of 2 main sequence K type stars , 1 asteroid field closest the the "A" star, and 12 planetary bodies one of which is suitable for planetary landing. I went there this week as part of the community event to get some much needed credits.

The A and B stars share a barycenter orbit with low eccentricity ( 0.1 ) and inclination of -113.57 degrees, with semi major orbits of 5.46AU and 7.75AU respectively.

The A star as mentioned has the asteroid field, the body that can be landed on and 3 other planetary bodies, including the binary pair planets A2 and A3.
The B star has 5 main planetary bodies, two of which have their own small moons, planets B4 and B5 being another double planet.

For anyone who added up the planets before you point out the fact one is missing from above this is because this one doesn't orbit either of the A or B stars , but rather shares the same barycenter of orbit with them, at a greater distance of 33.6AU and at a different inclination -90.43 deg.

I tried to take a decent in game photo of this as this planets orbital path is perpendicular to all the other planets and its bizzarre ( or it was to me ) and the nature of the detailed scan I simply haven't managed to draw yet ( part of the fun for me away from the PC )

Part of my problem in drawing these out is barycenter orbits as any planet in a system with them doesn't give its Semi major axis as the star but rather its orbiting point... ( See pluto and Charon in sol for example and the two double planets above if you can see the system I mentioned )

I am assuming the guys in the Deep Black have seen a lot more systems than me who hasn't broke the 800LY from starting point yet ( due to cash makings and power play in my defence ) So are arrangements of this nature common in the game?

Awrabest everyone
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21-07-2016, 02:07 PM (This post was last modified: 21-07-2016 02:08 PM by Chrystoph.)
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RE: a curiosity?
Yes, barycenter planets are very common. So common that I have passed through numerous systems that have only them.

As to embarrassing yourself, we are a forgiving bunch. As long as you don't play too hard on yourself, I guarantee that we will let you slide with a bit of friendly ribbing.

[Image: 16905.png]
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